Update 5/27/2021


Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we continue to update and adapt our Covid-Safe Practices and navigate this new normal together. These are the following changes we are making to continue to take precautions against Covid-19, as well as to (hopefully) continue our record of no cases reported to date.

  • Daily Health Screen:
    Perhaps the most important thing we can do right now is to continue to monitor for symptoms. PLEASE STAY HOME if you or your child has any cold/flu symptoms. Potential Covid-19 symptoms: fever above 100.4F, cold-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, runny nose (not allergy related), muscle aches, fatigue, sleepy, rash, abdominal pain.


  • Sanitation & Spacing:
    We will continue to encourage increased spacing between Treeschoolers during Morning Circle and snack times. We will continue to wash our hands multiple times per session, & staff will use antibacterial /alcohol wipes to sanitize shared group materials such as chalk boards, books, tools, etc. after use.


  • Snacks:
    We offer a nutritious and wholesome snack to the group each day. Having a shared, group snack with our SOL blessing of thanks is an important part of building our Community. We will continue to increase sanitary practices and handwashing prior to snack time, using serving tongs and/or gloved hands, and increased spacing between Treeschoolers. We will no longer separate into smaller nests.


  • Parent Volunteers:
    We will still need ONE parent volunteer each day (from either the first or second nest) to be available should an urgent issue or emergency occur, as well as to assist in running the session. There are 16 session weeks so we will need each family to sign up for at least one day per child's enrolled day (per semester). We know this can add up if your child attends multiple days and/or if you have more than one child. We are looking to develop a volunteer program in the future, but it is safest to keep things within our community whilst Covid is still with us, so please know WE APPRECIATE YOU! 


  • Drop-off and Pick-up Times:
    Summer sessions have staggered drop off and pick up times based on the Treeschooler (9:30am-12:30pm) and Tall Pines (9:00am-12:00pm) groups.
    All Treeschoolers should arrive at 8:45am for our 9am sharp start. Sessions will end at 1pm, with a 15 min grace window for pickup. We will no longer stagger arrival and departure times for families. There will be a sign in clipboard for each session. Parents or other adults dropping off or picking up are expected to mask until further notice.


  • Lunch:
    We end our Summer SOL sessions before lunch. We encourage families to meet at the nearby public lands to picnic & enjoy community. 
    Please pack a nutritious lunch for your Treeschooler/s to drop off with your nest teacher in the a.m.  Please consider bento-box type containers where granola bars, cheese sticks, etc.can be placed ready to eat for your Treeschooler/s, minimizing our need to touch your child's food. (If possible, take it a next step and consider the environmental impact of so much packaging and buy cheeses, snacks, etc. in bulk, consider baking, and change up how you pack!) Since our inception, we have invited parents to join us for lunch, and this has always been a wonderful time to socialize and meet other parents and families. We will re-introduce our shared lunch in these smaller nests for now, and eagerly look forward to when it’s safe to gather together again in a large community group!


  • Masking policy:
    We kindly request that everyone continue to mask at drop off & pick up. We ask that Treeschoolers also mask during Morning Circle time, when we will all sit (spaced) together. We will not enforce mask use during forest play, nor snack/lunch time. Our teachers & parent volunteer will continue to mask throughout the session, and we are always happy to encourage your Treeschooler/s to mask throughout the session, too, if this is your wish.


We will continue to be ready, if need be, to stagger start/finish times &/or return to a fully separated nest model, or return to the virtual forest. These are unprecedented times and we are ever-grateful for your adaptability and positivity, SOL community!