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"We’ve had a wonderful experience with SOL Forest School! We already believed forest school philosophy benefits both our kids and the environment, but SOL is impressively organized, educated, and supportive. Their care and honor of each individual child is beautiful and impactful."

— Kariana J., October 2021


"Having my daughter in SOL Forest School has been a truly wonderful experience for us all. The teachers are supportive with a really refreshing outlook on early childhood education. I highly recommend this program and I am just so glad that we decided to enroll. We had tried some other local programs and by far, SOL forest school has been the best. Such a joy to have the opportunity to participate! Thank you SOL Forest School for all that you do!!!"

— Jennifer S., October 2021

"Having my son at SOL Forest School with Ms. Sally is the best thing ever! He is 4 years old and absolutely adores it. It is his favorite day of the week and he always asks if it’s forest school day. At forest school, kids get the chance to play and have freedom in an outdoor space. I love that he is learning to be a steward of the forest, and learning about the natural environment in a way he wouldn’t get to otherwise. I am super proud every time I pick him up. He is always in good spirits, never complaining about things others may find uncomfortable, like 4 hours in the snow!

My son also has a life threatening peanut allergy. The idea of dropping him off to spend 4 hours in a wilderness location is daunting. Ms. Sally & Ms. Brie have gone above and beyond to accommodate and keep him safe. They spent several hours doing food allergy training with me, where we came up with food plans, and emergency response plans. Food and activities are always carefully monitored, they are also in touch if there’s ever a concern, and I never feel worried. I am beyond grateful for their extra efforts here, which allow my son to have this amazing experience.

Ms. Sally & Ms. Brie never cease to amaze me. Take 10+, 4-6 year olds into the woods for half a day? Talk about hard core commitment! I feel the experience my son gets at forest school is something he’ll carry with him for life. Thank you Ms. Sally!"

— Lisa S., January 2020

morning circle in early Fall

"As a visitor with some training and experience in early childhood education, I noticed very caring relationships, very intentional practices of listening carefully to children, and helping them to develop a sense of autonomy, sound decision making, and effective communication. The children very clearly communicated the difference between acceptable risks and unacceptable hazards and the need to follow necessary rules, while at the same time being completely free to enjoy their childhood in the most amazing classroom with the most amazing co-explorers!"

— Mike A., November 2019

"I can not recommend this program enough! Amazing staff that works so well with kiddos and such a developmentally appropriate exploration of the forest!"

— Danielle V., August 2019

quiet contemplation

"My 2 daughters love Ms. Sally and forest school! They are more confident in themselves and willing to take appropriate risks (climbing, exploring, creating) than they were before. They really loved the opportunity to be outdoors, learn about our natural world, and experience something new."

— Laura A., August 2019

"As a pediatric occupational therapist I am always looking for creative opportunities for my children to learn. I have been blown away by the positive changes in my daughter who started attending SOL Forest School when she was four and continues to do so at six years old. She is more confident, adventurous, and comfortable in the woods. She excitedly uses her collaborative problem solving skills in other areas of her life. We are always telling our friends with kids about this program! Thank you Sally for presenting these opportunities!"

— Heather P., August 2019


"When my son comes home from forest school, I get so filled with joy! I LOVE to hear what he's doing in class! So many fun and engaging experiences! Thanksgiving turkeys with bell peppers for wings, crafting corn people out of corn husks, and popcorn on the fire! What a TREAT for my kid! I am a city girl and am NOT familiar with nature activities but this experience has changed me! My kid LOVES Wednesdays and always has the best time. For that I am so thankful! Thank you!"

— Anne Marie W., November 2018

"We really love having our little ones go to SOL Forest School. We did have our kids go to a few different places that offered a waldkinder instructions, we like SOL Forest School the most. Not to discredit anywhere else we’ve tried, but it seems to be the most intentional in its varied applications. There is a real difference having a teacher who’s certified in forest schools. It’s not a wild free for all though there is freedom for the children to play and explore as they like. There is a purpose for each of the activities that allows each child to thrive and grow. I am particularly grateful children have a school where they can learn to take and manage risks. My son, in particular, has really thrived at SOL Forest School. It’s just good for your soul."

— Jenni P., April 2018

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