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Gear & Clothing Tips

A note from SOL Forest School:
Gathering appropriate clothing for all-weather outdoor play can be both daunting and expensive! SOL is committed to assisting parents in dressing their Treeschoolers and Tall Pines appropriately. Lots of information can be found here, but we are also happy to work with you one-on-one to ensure your child's comfort and independence. Furthermore, we've got a growing collection of gently-used clothing that's available to anyone for long-term use. Reach out to us personally,  via text,  or email with "Help w/ Clothing " in the subject line and we'll be in touch to see how we can be of assistance. 

Cold Weather / Winter

Base Layers

(top to bottom):

  • balaclava or neck gaiter or scarf

  • next-to-skin silk/wool or wool-blend  (NON-cotton) top & bottom (not shown: underwear!)

  • wool/wool-blend socks (1-2 pairs, NON-cotton)

  • fleece or wool/wool-blend (NON-cotton) mid-layer top & bottom

Outer Layers

(top to bottom):

  • insulated snow bib/pants​

  • waterproof/insulated winter jacket

  • waterproof winter gloves (with backup pair) and optional NON-cotton glove liners

  • waterproof/insulated well-above the ankle winter boots

Before arriving to winter forest school, Parents please consider these pre-applications:

  • sunscreen to your child's face/neck even in the winter, especially if there's a combination of sun + snow

  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment applied to any skin (face) exposed to the cold temperatures, wind chill, snow and wet cold contact during forest play

  • chapstick for sensitive lip tissue, especially in our NM cold and dry winter climate


In the Backpack
(top to bottom):

  • sturdy, good-fit backpack​

  • 1-2 filled water bottles

  • snack (optional)

  • face mask

  • extra warm hat / sun hat

  • zip-lock bag containing extra clothes: underwear, NON-cotton socks and base layers (both next-to-skin and mid-layer)

Don't forget!

  • lunch box

  • separate carrier for lunch box

Learn more:

Check out this recent article in the New York Times featuring an interview with Miss Sally:  How to Play Outside in Winter

Here's an informative video to watch on how to dress for cold/wet weather: Dressing Your Child for Winter at Nature School

Warm Weather / Summer

warm weather gear

Summer Layers
(top to bottom):

  • lightweight t-shirt or long sleeve

  • lightweight, breathable and durable long pants (pants that roll up are great; shorts are NOT advised)

  • lightweight & moisture wicking socks (synthetic or wool-blend)

  • closed-toed shoes of durable material and thick tread soles 

In the Backpack
(top to bottom):

  • sturdy, good-fit backpack​

  • 2 filled water bottles (or 1 liter)

  • snack (optional)

  • face mask

  • sun hat

  • zip-lock bag with extra clothes: underwear, socks, extra long pants, shirt (short and/or long sleeve)

For cool and/or wet forecasts
(top to bottom):

  • waterproof rain jacket and pants

  • waterproof boots (not shown)

  • fleece sweater or light jacket

  • warm knit gloves and hat

Don't forget!

  • sunscreen! (parents pre-apply before session)

  • lunch box & carrier to have ready for after summer session

Warm & Hot weather tips & tricks:

  • water bottles: place overnight in the fridge for a cool drink in the heat and/or freeze one bottle (account for expansion by not filling completely full) for the backpack

  • staying cool: consider a cooling neck wrap or bandana that can be water soaked to keep skin cool

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